#ItCanWait – some distractions are good, others can cost lives!

#ItCanWait – some distractions are good, others can cost lives!

Some accidents happen, we all know this, but some accidents through acts of sheer stupidity, like texting or holding your phone, (especially to use snapchat or take a selfie) whilst driving is completely unacceptable. 

I understand that many people, including myself, need to take calls if you’re in the car. I always use my Bluetooth hands-free device and set it up before I start driving, and it’s voice activated. 

If you NEED to receive a call whilst in the car and you don’t have a Bluetooth hands-free device, ask yourself; “Can I afford to spend under $200 for a hands-free car kit, or can I afford to live for the rest of my life knowing I caused an accident or even worse, took someone’s life because I was distracted by my phone whilst driving?” 

My job specialises in Distraction. Our services are used every day in hospitals to distract sick kids. They are needed and productive distractions. Being distracted by your phone whilst driving is not needed or productive in any way and could cost you, or someone else, their life.

It’s your call, make good decisions. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

I don’t do this very often, but this video is something that should be shared. 

#ItCanWait #tlcforkids #roadsafety 


Powerful video shared by news.com.auhttps://www.facebook.com/news.com.au/videos/1402985913062111/ 

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The good news is that there are a number of simple, effective and low-cost actions you can take to create a mentally healthy workplace and support your people.

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Source: Tips for creating a mentally healthy workplace