I have been working in the non-profit sector for over 25 years. This has involved philanthropy, fundraising, service delivery, community support, major fundraising campaigns and working with major donors.

After setting up TLC for Kids in 1998, I have worked with many community groups, philanthropic organisations and individuals, various foundations and have had experience with different fundraising programs.

Over the years, we have developed a National program that we run from our Victorian office in Melbourne. By simplifying our services and working with health care professionals, we can provide support across Australia without having to establish offices in each state.

I have always believed that if you are in a position to help someone then you should do it. Regardless of the outcome. The funny thing is, sometimes, if you do help someone, you might find that it has changed their life in some small way.

One of the sayings I live by is, ‘what goes around, comes around’.

There are other mottos that resonate with me, including a quote by the late Bryce Courtenay from his novel, The Power of One. “A waterfall starts with a single drop of water”

My daily mantra is “With effort, dreams become reality”.

If I could provide any advice, I would say that surrounding yourself with people you look up to and care about is very important. I believe that respect, passion and kindness are key elements of life.

Regarding work/life balance, I consider myself extremely lucky to be working In a job that I truly love, and even though it’s an emotional roller coaster each week, there is no greater reward than knowing we have made a difference in someone’s life.

TLC for Kids is one of the greatest passions in my life and if you are ever looking to support a worthy cause that is helping more sick children than any other in Australia, I hope you consider being part of our cause to smile.

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