20 years of helping kids

This year marks twenty whole years of TLC for Kids! That’s twenty years of smiles, tears, laughter, relief, and everything else in between.

Faces may have come and gone but one thing has remained the same: our mission to put smiles back on sick kids’ faces.

Join us on June 16 at Myer Mural Hall as we reflect upon the two decades that have passed.


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Well this is AWESOME!!!

Not even 24hours since our event site went live and the first tickets booked were from an amazing former TLC receipient who I had the pleasure of catching up with earlier this week. Thanks so much Casey.

Tickets on sale now!

TLC for Kids 20th Anniversary Gala Event, can’ t believe it’s been nearly 20 years, there will be a lot to celebrate on the night along with a little nostalgia and some tears, looking forward to seeing you there OR if you can donate an item for the raffle or the auction that would be much appreciated too.

Tickets available at http://www.thedinner.com.au

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Finalists | The CEO Magazine

Very proud to be a finalist for The CEO Magazine Executive of the Year awards. With such an impressive line-up of finalists, I am feeling quite humbled to be included.

105 finalists in this year’s much-anticipated 2017 Executive of the Year Awards, which celebrate the success, innovation and business acumen of individuals in corporate Australia. With thousands of entries, our 10 experienced judges from a range of industries have had another mighty challenge to determine the finalists in each of the 23 categories, including the pinnacle: CEO of the Year.

More information about the Awards can be found at executiveawards.com.au.

Source: Finalists | The CEO Magazine

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2 Minutes with Tim – Senator Jane Hume (1st Interview)

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 3.47.03 pm.png

Very honoured that Senator Jane Hume dropped by to visit the TLC for Kids office and was part of my 2 Minutes With Tim series. #2MWT#tlcforkids #senator #caring

(this is the 2-minute edit, for the full interview, here’s the link – https://vimeo.com/t…/senator-jane-hume-interview-tim-conolan)

Australian of the Year Awards – Be Great and Nominate

One nomination is all it takes. I am a very proud recipient of an Australian of the Year Award, Local Hero, and all it took was one nomination.

If you know someone who is making a real difference in your life or in this country, jump online and nominate them for an Australian of the Year Award.

Nominations close on 6th August, so there is still time.

This is a great opportunity for everyone to acknowledge and give praise to someone they look up to and respect.

The Awards program relies on the public to submit nominations for people deserving of recognition, so have your say on who should be considered for the 2018

  • Australian of the Year,
  • Senior Australian of the Year,
  • Young Australian of the Year and
  • Australia’s Local Hero.

It only takes one nomination for someone to be in the running for the Awards, but a nomination must be formally submitted (it makes absolutely no difference if there are multiple nominations for a person – it only takes one nomination).

If you need assistance in submitting your nomination, call 1300 655 193

Source: Home – Australian of the Year Awards

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Fight Or Flight? How To Channel Your Work Anxiety Productively

It seems to be the ‘go’ word for so many people these days. I’m busy, life’s busy, everyone’s busy, it’s so busy.Great article about Work Stress and some advice, including;

Being busy also brings with it some element of stress or anxiety. Great article about Work Stress and some advice, including;

Here is a great article by Sean O’Meara  about Work Stress and some terrific tips, including;

6 Theories For Overcoming Work Anxiety

  • Don’t Calm Down
  • Curb Analysis Paralysis
  • Treat Your Productivity Like An Anxiety Barometer
  • Go Off The Grid
  • Demand Feedback
  • Remember To Go Easy On Yourself

56% of anxiety sufferers deal specifically with performance anxiety at work. Here are six proven theories to help you manage work anxiety in a productive way.

Source: Fight Or Flight? How To Channel Your Work Anxiety Productively