2 Minutes with Tim – a quick chat with Catherine Moolenschot

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2 Minutes with Tim – a quick chat with Catherine Moolenschot, an inspirational young woman who was a published author at the age of 13 and has taken the world by storm.

Transcript of video:

Tim: Hi. This is Tim Conolan, and welcome to Two Minutes with Tim. I’m here with the lovely Catherine Moolenschot. So, welcome to Two Minutes with Tim, Catherine.
Catherine: Thank you very much!
Tim: You’re a pretty impressive and inspirational young woman.
Catherine: Thank you.
Tim: You’ve achieved a lot from a young age. And I also I know you published your first book at 13.
Catherine: Yeah.
Tim: So, what inspired you, I suppose, to release a book at 13 years old?
Catherine: Well, what inspired me to write it was just pure inspiration and love of writing. What inspired me to publish it was my Mum saying I wouldn’t be able to publish it. I was very much a 13 year old. Wait, you think I’m not going to be able to do this? You watch me! So, that’s, that was the inspiration there.
Tim: Challenge accepted.
Catherine: The challenge was accepted.
Tim: Have there been any life lessons that you’ve learnt from your journey?
Catherine: Hugely.
Tim: Yeah? Anything in particular that stands out?
Catherine: I think the biggest thing for me is that every day what I’ve always strived to do is ask myself the question of “How can I be my best self today?” And sometimes I fall really short of that. And sometimes I am that. And I think it’s really a question of not just what am I doing, but who I am being. And how am I managing my emotions and managing, making sure my needs are being met. How am I being the most loving friend that I can be? How can I add the most value to the world through my work? All that kind of thing.
Tim: So, if you could travel back in time, to when you were 18, what would you say to yourself?
Catherine: Definitely to not stress as much. I think at 18 I was so stressed about being somebody and proving myself. I’d done a lot of talks and had a lot of people tell me how inspirational I was. And it kind of made me feel like I had to live up to this, this thing, and I think I umm…Calm down, it’s OK. You’re 18. You’ve got so many years ahead of you. Your life is going to be amazing. You don’t need to achieve everything by 18.
Tim: Well, thank you very much for spending some time with me. In fact, two minutes. And look forward to watching your career grow. And, keep on doing exactly what you’re doing, Catherine.
Catherine: Thank you so much.
Tim: Thank you very much.
Catherine: Thank you.
Tim: Thank you.

To learn more about Catherine, visit – inspiregreatness.com.au

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2 Minutes with Tim – Interview with Ana Darras

Today, being #InternationalWomensDay, I thought it would be appropriate to post a couple of videos from the #2MinutesWithTim series, featuring an extraordinary woman who has helped changed the lives of thousands upon thousands of people. I am proud to present my 2-part interview with Ana Darras of TLC for Kids.

Transcription of the interviews:

Tim: Hi, this is Tim Conolan, and welcome to Two Minutes with Tim.
A lot of people are going to be thinking, ‘No way this happened’, but, it actually happened. So, welcome to Two Minutes with Tim, Ana Darras.
Ana : Thank you! I do have a voice.
Tim: She does have a voice. Ana , you’ve been an incredible part of TLC for Kids. You’ve been doing a lot for the community. You’ve had a world of experience in the nonprofit sector. What drives you? Why did you get involved with TLC for Kids?
Ana : What drives me, is when I see people in need. I think that, where we can, we should. Where we are able to, and most of us are healthy body, healthy mind, and have got a few extra dollars in our pockets. I think we should help our people in our community and our neighbourhoods. And, what was the other part of the question?
Tim: Why did you get involved with TLC?
Ana : Oh, I just stumbled upon TLC, because Tim came in to visit me when I was at the Children’s hospital (Melbourne). I was working in the PR department there. And he was coming in to see one of the kids, and that’s how we met. And, yeah, and then I ended up at TLC for Kids.
Tim: How lucky are we? I’m very lucky too. Look, the only way TLC for Kids has been able to grow is because of you.
Ana : Thank you.
Tim: And I think the families…
Ana : I think it’s a lot of people. I don’t think it’s just me. I think a lot of people have had something to do with it.
Tim: A few people. (supporters, volunteers, sponsors, donors, hospital staff, etc) But I think it’s good that you’ve been a great catalyst. You’ve been a great sounding board for me. The guidance and what you see in the nonprofit sector is needed because it comes from the heart. And I think you’re the most, the person with the most integrity that I’ve ever met. So, we’re very lucky to have you. But…
Ana : Thank you.
Tim: But I wanted to share a little bit of your story. So, we’ll go over, we’ll do Two Minutes with Tim Part 1 and Part 2.
Ana : Part 1 and 2! Woohoo, a sequel!

Video: Ana Darras part 2
Video length: 2:00

Tim: If you could travel back in time to see your 18-year-old self…
Ana : Mm-hmm
Tim: What advice would you give?
Ana : Ooh. Can I say this?
Tim: I think you can say it, yeah, yeah.
Ana : Don’t drink as much as you have. No.
Tim: I, I was hoping for something different, but
Ana : 18-year-old self. Probably not to be so self-absorbed. I was quite focused on myself and how I looked, and what I wore and where I went. And I think that shouldn’t be a focus of people. Growing up in the 70s in South Australia, in Adelaide, that was very much a focus for me. It was all about me.
Tim: All about you?
Ana : Yep.
Tim: That’s changed so much. No, it has changed so much, so. So, I think that’s a good thing to be able to go back and think about what you would say. What gets you up in the morning? What puts a smile on your face?
Ana : Gosh, TLC for Kids! I love what I do. To be able to just come in and see my workmates. The team is amazing. To be able to be here to know that, if we can help somebody that day, we’ve done our job, completely.
Tim: And you laugh a lot too, which I think is very important.
Ana : Yeah, I think I have the loudest laugh in Brunswick.
Tim: Do you have any advice for anyone that either wants to start a charity or get involved with a charity in some way?
Ana : Do your homework. Do your homework. Do your homework. Just be sure that whatever you’re looking at doing, that nobody else is doing it before you. And if they are, go and give them a hand, because I’m sure they need it.
Tim: Any words of wisdom that you’d like to pass on to anyone.
Ana : Do what you love. Make sure you wake up in the morning and be grateful. And smile. And laugh a lot. But most of all, be grateful.
Tim: Ana Darras, thank for sharing Two Minutes with Tim.
Ana : I have a voice.
Tim: She has a voice. We’ll see you again next time.
Ana : Bye.


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