Too many people make ‘angry’ their default setting.

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It seems there are more and more people walking around with ‘angry’ as their default setting. It doesn’t take much to change your attitude and just be nice. How many times do you see people walking around with an angry face on, even if they aren’t, it’s their resting b*tch face look.

I think it’s important to change your default setting to ‘nice’ for a number of reasons;

  1. If you are calling someone to complain about something, you don’t know what sort of day the person on the other end of the phone is having. They may have just received some bad news, or they literally may just be the messenger. No matter what it is, always start your conversations with a good attitude, even if it is a complaint. As they say, “you catch more flies with honey”
  2. The results of any interaction between people will always have a better outcome if there is an element of ‘nice’ involved.
  3. It’s a lot easier, and it takes a whole lot less energy to be nice than it is to be angry.
  4. Just be nice.

Today, I had the pleasure of spending some time with a very energetic and switched on gentleman by the name of Josh Jones at the TLC for Kids office. Not only did we have a chat about fixing the world’s problems (or at least trying to), we also talked about Josh’s JBN project, (Just Be Nice).

The idea is simple and the message is spreading. If more people were nice to each other, there would be less problems in the world. Good job Josh!

It has become part of my DNA to talk to people about just being nice, therefore, I am a huge supporter of Josh’s JBN project, and of course, TLC for Kids.

#JBNProject        #tlcforkids 

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