Kicking off our EOFY Appeal: Just a few dollars can support a sick child’s life…

Stephen is 4 and has Acute Lymphatic Leukemia. He also suffers Asthma complications. Combined, these conditions make life at home stressful and difficult, with vigilant monitoring required.

The life of a sick child can be challenging for them and their families in ways we might not even consider – emotionally, practically and financially. TLC for Kids’ RAPID TLC Service supports people through these challenges. This can range from medical and lifestyle equipment to manage life at home, to a day of relaxation and respite for Mum and Dad, to covering the utility bills of a struggling family, to helping fulfil a child’s dream, to assisting families through the bereavement process when tragedy does occur.

Follow the link if you would like to contribute, event a couple of dollars, to the valuable work provided by TLC for Kids, for kids like Stephen.

Source: Supporting a sick child’s life

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