Starting a conversation 

As we count down the final hours of the year, take time to reflect on what lead you to where you are right now. Spend a couple of minutes thinking about the people in your life and what achievements you have accomplished in 2016. It’s also a good time to ponder about what the new year will bring. New opportunities, new people, new surroundings, new skills to be learnt. 

Having the ability to communicate is one of the most effective skills we have. Amazing things can happen just by starting a conversation. Take 2 minutes to call or contact someone who you’ve been thinking of, just to check in to say hello and let them know they are in your thoughts. That phone call or message could be the very thing that person needs, to reconnect and know that they are important. 

If you have a few New Years resolutions, make sure you add one more to your list, and that’s to start more conversations, oh, and remember to smile more 🙂

Happy New Year. #grateful #NYE #2017 #tlcforkids 

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