This is a question asked of me often, by passionate, energetic and, sometimes, traumatised individuals. It is a difficult question to answer at times, especially if it’s relating to the memory of a loved one or dear friend. Before I set up TLC for Kids, I asked a lot of questions to make sure there was a real need for something that was missing in the sector before heading down that path.

My advice would be to;

  • Do your research to find an organisation already doing the work you want to do
  • Talk to your peers and ask questions
  • Identify the need and make sure it’s serving a purpose, filling a gap or solving a problem
  • Be clear about your objectives – is it a service, an awareness campaign, a fundraising organisation to support research or a cause, or is it a legacy for someone
  • If you cannot find any similar organisations doing the work you want to do that will make a difference, visit the ACNC website for information on how to set up a charity (

Being involved with a charity or an organisation can be extremely rewarding, and no matter what the cause, it’s important to always remember, “it’s not about you, it’s about the mission or the cause”.

Anyone has the power to make a difference, be it ever so small or something grand, either way, you have the ability to choose to stand up, step in, and be part of or start something to fill a need or solve a problem that can make this world an even better place.

Thanks for reading.


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