2 Minutes with Tim – a quick chat with Catherine Moolenschot

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2 Minutes with Tim – a quick chat with Catherine Moolenschot, an inspirational young woman who was a published author at the age of 13 and has taken the world by storm.

Transcript of video:

Tim: Hi. This is Tim Conolan, and welcome to Two Minutes with Tim. I’m here with the lovely Catherine Moolenschot. So, welcome to Two Minutes with Tim, Catherine.
Catherine: Thank you very much!
Tim: You’re a pretty impressive and inspirational young woman.
Catherine: Thank you.
Tim: You’ve achieved a lot from a young age. And I also I know you published your first book at 13.
Catherine: Yeah.
Tim: So, what inspired you, I suppose, to release a book at 13 years old?
Catherine: Well, what inspired me to write it was just pure inspiration and love of writing. What inspired me to publish it was my Mum saying I wouldn’t be able to publish it. I was very much a 13 year old. Wait, you think I’m not going to be able to do this? You watch me! So, that’s, that was the inspiration there.
Tim: Challenge accepted.
Catherine: The challenge was accepted.
Tim: Have there been any life lessons that you’ve learnt from your journey?
Catherine: Hugely.
Tim: Yeah? Anything in particular that stands out?
Catherine: I think the biggest thing for me is that every day what I’ve always strived to do is ask myself the question of “How can I be my best self today?” And sometimes I fall really short of that. And sometimes I am that. And I think it’s really a question of not just what am I doing, but who I am being. And how am I managing my emotions and managing, making sure my needs are being met. How am I being the most loving friend that I can be? How can I add the most value to the world through my work? All that kind of thing.
Tim: So, if you could travel back in time, to when you were 18, what would you say to yourself?
Catherine: Definitely to not stress as much. I think at 18 I was so stressed about being somebody and proving myself. I’d done a lot of talks and had a lot of people tell me how inspirational I was. And it kind of made me feel like I had to live up to this, this thing, and I think I umm…Calm down, it’s OK. You’re 18. You’ve got so many years ahead of you. Your life is going to be amazing. You don’t need to achieve everything by 18.
Tim: Well, thank you very much for spending some time with me. In fact, two minutes. And look forward to watching your career grow. And, keep on doing exactly what you’re doing, Catherine.
Catherine: Thank you so much.
Tim: Thank you very much.
Catherine: Thank you.
Tim: Thank you.

To learn more about Catherine, visit – inspiregreatness.com.au

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