National Volunteer Week: Meet Ange | TLC for Kids

National Volunteer Week: Meet Ange

Ange’s story so far

Ange has been involved with TLC for Kids for over a decade, not as a volunteer, but as a mother. Ange’s daughter, Priscilla, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at just a few months old. Priscilla coped relatively well with the illness until she reached hormonal age (common among girls with Cystic Fibrosis), at which point her health took a downwards turn. Throughout these years, TLC for Kids appeared in Priscilla’s life a number of times – organising a fun and distracting box of crafts to cheer her up, an iPad engraved with her name, and even meeting with Enrique Iglesias.

Priscilla was vibrant and energetic at her 18th birthday. By her 19th birthday, she had to use tubes to breathe. Tragically, after complications from a lung transplant, Priscilla didn’t live to see her 20th birthday.

For Ange, the shock and grief was unbearable in that first year after losing her daughter, and became worse with time. Ange describes how she blocked people out, not wanting to leave the house. On a particularly challenging day, while weighing up where to go in life, a face popped into Ange’s mind – Ana Darras, TLC for Kids’ executive manager, who had helped organise support for Priscilla. A few phone calls later, Ange had applied to volunteer at TLC for Kids. …read more.


Source: National Volunteer Week: Meet Ange | TLC for Kids


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